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The Art Of Candace Cima

Her artistic style is to present an image that can create a story in the viewer's mind. What the subject means to her is not the important thing, it is the hope that she has created a work that speaks to the viewers and allows them to create a story of their own.

 The ethereal mix of color and texture that is created by watercolors fascinates her. Every time water and color meets paper, magic happens, and every time magic happens, a story is told. She hopes that you will find in her work the influences of Mary Cassatt, Andrew Wyeth, Susan Harrison-Tustain and Mary Whyte. 

In addition to this website, you may also follow her on Facebook - "The Art of Candace Cima" and Instagram- "candacecimaartist." For more information and or pricing, you may contact her at [email protected]